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Custom motorcycles and parts

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Driven by passion.

At a very young age, Dave let his passion for motors and adrenaline drive him to a whole new world. By the age of 16, the complexity and the power to transform them intrigued him. Based off his extraordinary creativity, he realized the potential he had of changing a simple motorcycle into a custom masterpiece. Over time and energy, Dave developed breathtaking models to fit his customers desires. Accumulating demands, he built his ultimate dream, Hangar 116, a place where passion and creation are a whole.

Frequently asked questions

The price for custom-made parts is very variable. They vary according to the needs and requests of the customers. It is therefore very important to contact Hangar 116 to obtain a submission. However, if the parts are already in production, you can find their price in the shop section.

Like the parts, the prices of the custom bikes are variable according to the customer’s request. It is therefore important to contact Hangar 116 to discuss your desires and obtain a price.

At Hangar 116, the only limit to creation is imagination.


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