mo.relay standard 12V 20A

mo.relay standard 12V 20A

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The mo.relay is a very small relay to control almost all consumers.

For example, high beam, low beam, horn, ignition, etc. can be switched easily and almost losslessly.

Larger operating currents are thus placed close to the consumer (e.g. lamp). Only minimal control current should flow through the ignition lock and/or handlebar switch. Failures and burnt contacts are a thing of the past.

In addition, the reduction in line losses, for example, noticeably improves the brightness of the lighting - a clear plus in terms of safety.

A threaded center hole on the top surface of the housing allows for easy installation at almost any location, even if several months of relays are installed.

The housing of the mo.relay is made of solid aluminum and anodized in black. It is completely waterproof and vibration resistant.

The mo.relay is not suitable as a button control. You can find them on mo.unit.

The mo.relay is not suitable as a flasher relay. You can find them under mo.flash, mo.wave, mo.stop or with button control under mo.relay+.


Specifications and Features

Diameter without cable 19 millimeters
the size 19 millimeters