mo.stop 6V-12V

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Use as brake light control

  • Ultra small and light, practically just a piece of cable with a small candy-sized device
  • Laying the wiring harness simply in series with the brake light
  • 6 different adjustable light / flashing variants for the brake light
  • Almost load-independent - therefore suitable for almost all LED brake lights (from 1 W) or conventional brake lights
  • Super easy connection with only two cables - just connect in series
  • Short-circuit proof - automatic overload protection - protection against voltage peaks of the on-board network
  • No heat generation during operation
  • Also suitable for 6 V brake light
  • Immediate response without loss of brake light - waterproof and vibration resistant

Use as flasher relay (without / with cut-off)

  • Almost independent of load (from 1 W)
  • Always constant flashing frequency, therefore suitable for almost all LED indicators (from 1W), all micro indicators, halogen indicators, 10 watt indicators, 21 watt indicators, etc.
  • Ideal for custom bikes and conversions with limited space - no clunky standard relays
  • Works for example with 4 indicators or 2 handlebar end indicators, etc.
  • Super easy connection with only two cables - just connect in series
  • Also suitable for 6 V indicators
  • Can be set as flasher relay with automatic shut-off

Specifications and Features

Housing LxWxH 26mm x 12mm x 10mm
Connection cable length approx. 2 x 50mm
Weight about 6g


mo.stop, the adjustable digital brake light modulator to increase driving safety.

Different flashing patterns turn the standard brake light into a visible warning light. The following traffic recognizes the brake actuation of the motorcycle much better and faster. An important safety plus on any two-wheeler that is notorious for being easily overlooked. Especially for custom bikes and conversions with very small or low brake lights.

The principle is partly already integrated in cars with improved equipment ex factory (adaptive brake light). In other countries like the United States, it is also widely used on motorcycles. Unfortunately not (yet) approved in Germany.

If the worst comes to the worst, the mo.stop should not be removed. A simple reprogramming with a dip switch is enough.

The mo.stop can also be used as a flasher relay with automatic stop. Safety aspect!

The flasher unit will automatically turn off the flasher(s) after 20 seconds if the setting is appropriate. No more accidental continuous flashing!