mo.unit Cable Kit

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mo.unit cable kit

The mo.unit cable kit is a fully assembled cable set to create a cable harness.

With this high quality copper stranded wire cable kit, you can quickly and easily create a complete wiring harness on your motorcycle.

The different cable sections and colors are ideal for use with the mo.unit are completely sufficient for many vehicles in terms of quantity and length.





cable color cross section Length [m]
brown 2.5mm² 5
black 2.5mm² 4
blue 2.5mm² 2
White 1.5mm² 4
red 1.5mm² 2
yellow 1.5mm² 4
orange 1.5mm² 4
green 1.5mm² 2
purple 1.5mm² 2
White 0.5mm² 2
blue 0.5mm² 2
red 0.5mm² 2
yellow 0.5mm² 2
green 0.5mm²
orange 0.5mm² 2
purple 0.5mm² 2
brown 0.5mm² 2
Small cable ties 15 Large cable ties 15 Sockets small end 10 medium end sleeves 10 end sleeves big 10 Manual