mo.view spy (mirror without glass)

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motogadget is now exclusively presenting its mo.view glassless mirror series. The special feature of this motorcycle mirror is the patented mirror surface, which is integrated directly into the body metal. The aluminum itself is the mirror surface! This allows for a lightweight design with no edges or frames, and the mirror body itself becomes very thin and light. Shattered glass or dropped glasses are simply not possible! The surface of the convex mirror is made by fly-cutting using a diamond tool on ultra-precise machines. It is then made resistant to oxidation, corrosion and scratches by means of a complex vacuum plasma coating.The mirror body, the mirror arm and the clamp for the handlebar end are machined from aluminum on CNC machines and high quality anodized. All screws are stainless steel. The precise ball joint allows a comfortable and very stable adjustment of the mirror.

mo.view spy

The mo.view spy bar end mirror is very small, reduced and fits perfectly with our bar end indicators and mo.grip grips as well as mo.switch and mo.switch mini knob fittings . It can be mounted above or below the handlebars. The mirror is suitable for the right and left side. It is mounted directly to the end of the handlebars (22mm and 1 inch) or if the grips and fittings cannot be moved, using the mo.view bar adapter.


The size of the mirror surface of the mo.view spy does not correspond to the StVZO. Therefore only suitable for non-EU countries or for show vehicles. Price per piece.

Specifications and Features


Mirror body diameter: 75mm Mirror body thickness without ball joint: 4 mm Mirror arm length: 61mm Clamp diameter: suitable for 22mm and 1 inch handlebars Clamp width: 8mm Weight: 86g Content

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