Speedo sensor M5 (inductive prox. sensor) negative/ground signal

Speedo sensor M5 (inductive prox. sensor) negative/ground signal

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The inductive proximity sensor can be used as an alternative speedometer sensor on all our instruments. It does NOT need magnets to pick up pulses.

It usually targets sufficiently large and rotating metal parts. Depending on the motorcycle, it is more demanding to adjust than a reed contact, for example.

M5 thread, length about 25mm, with two screw nuts. Cable length 200 cm.




Please note: this is a MINUS ACTIVE sensor and is used with current devices. Please consult your instruction manual to see if your instrument is expecting a MINUS/MASS signal. If you are looking for a replacement for such a sensor, DW-AD-621-M5 NPN should be on the cable. Otherwise, please use the active sensor PLUS with order number 9007046.