motoscope mini (Very small digital speedometer)

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The motoscope mini is an extremely small digital motorcycle instrument. The LED display specially developed by us for this is unique in the field of instruments. 251 ultra-bright LEDs form a nearly borderless, easy-to-read display area that can be used completely to display display values. Only this innovative and complex technology allows maximum display area with minimum housing dimensions.

With its very simple and elegant design and high-quality appearance, the motoscope mini fits almost any two-, three- or four-wheeler. It can support the style in an exposed area, but can also be integrated discreetly and “cleanly” - everything makes the mini possible!


The high-quality aluminum housing is milled from solid material and its surface is black anodized. The highly polished variant has its own charm. The electronics are completely encapsulated in the housing and are therefore insensitive to weather, water, dust and vibrations.

Display and functions

The innovative dot matrix consisting of 251 ultra-bright LEDs displays the speed by means of a scalable horizontal light strip and all other functions as numerical values. Speed ​​can also be called up at the touch of a button. In order to achieve optimal readability in darkness, sunshine and twilight, the brightness of the LEDs is automatically adjusted. For the limit range of the permitted speed ("red zone") or as a flash switching function, a speed value can be entered, if exceeded, all LEDs light up pulsing at the same time.

The highlight: the display of the motoscope mini can not only display numerical values ​​from left to right, but also from top to bottom. Therefore, the instrument can also be mounted vertically!

The service

You can switch between the displays with the included menu button or, for example, the headlight flasher button on the handlebar. The standard indication on the display is the speed value. The other measured values ​​can be called up on the display by briefly pressing the button. As an option, it can be set that the display automatically returns to the speed value after a short time or that a specific display is set permanently.

Presets or saved values ​​are of course also saved without power.


Due to its very small dimensions, the motoscope mini is easy to attach to almost any vehicle. Alone on the fork bridge or on the handlebars, in existing dashboards or integrated in a tank or GRP - the instrument can be integrated anywhere. We offer various suitable universal brackets for mounting as well as specific solutions to type such as Buell (TM) or Harley-Davidson (TM) the. See under assembly.

Connection and sensors

Simple wiring as well as detailed installation and operating instructions allow the instrument to be connected even to users who have not previously used vehicle electricity.

The included stainless steel speedometer sensor is very small (M5/25mm). With the 1.5m long connection cable, it can be easily attached to the front or rear wheel. Even vehicles with the original mechanical speedometer transmission can be easily converted.

The motoscope mini is compatible with many original speedometer sensors (reed contact and proximity sensors) from the vehicle manufacturer. In this case, only the connections are connected and the mechanical installation of a sensor becomes superfluous.

A smart “learn function” makes it easy to calibrate the speedometer, even in vehicles with sensors on the transmission.

Scope of delivery

  • Instrument with approx. 75 cm connection cable
  • Mini push button
  • flying fuses
  • 6 cable end connectors
  • Speedometer sensor (M5 x 0.5 fine thread, stainless steel, IP 68) with 150 cm connection cable
  • 2 powerful mini neodymium magnets
  • 2 M3 fixing screws with washer
  • Detailed installation and usage instructions

Specifications and Features

Length Width Depth 59mm/21.5mm/13mm
weight about 32g
Attachment 2 x M3 threaded sleeve
Power consumption during operation about 100mA
Idle power consumption 0mA
Operating voltage 7V - 18V
operating -20°...+80°C
Tachometer (LED bar) 0 - 6/8/10/14/16 krpm
Tachometer (digital) 0-20 krpm
Limit setting / flash switching 0 to 20,000 rpm
Speedometer 0 to 999 km/h or mph
Trip odometer 0 to 999.99 km or mi
Total kilometers (adjustable) up to 99,999 km or mi
Travel time display 0 to 99:59 h/min