mo.blaze cone (Turn Signal)

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mo.blaze cone from motogadget - much more than just a bar end indicator.

The mo.blaze cone is the latest generation flashing signal lamp, which received the prestigious iF product design award 2013. A well-known accessory has been completely redesigned, designed and technically very sophisticated.

With motogadget's new TranzLight technology (TLT, patent pending), the transparent body of the turn signal becomes a light source itself.

TranzLight-Technology® intelligently uses the total reflection of light waves at the interfaces of supports of different optical densities. This step-by-step development approach is not limited to simple miniaturization of the turn signal housings, but shapes the light directly via a crystalline glass body.

Only a precise optical CAD calculation and the most modern manufacturing processes allow this new design and its function.

The luminous flux required for the TranzLight principle is generated by the intensiLED® process developed by motogadget and consists of three important components:

  • Specially selected and philosophy converted high performance LEDs with maximum efficiency and 3W total power with a lifespan of over 50000 hours
  • An IC-controlled constant current source clocked at 330 kHz
  • A special collimator optic that precisely couples the LED's wide-spread light into the plastic body.
An important aspect of TranzLight technology is increased safety through better visibility of the flashing signal. The light is emitted at an angle of nearly 180° and is therefore visible from the front, rear and sides.

The turn signal can also be omitted - the function of the turn signals can be checked directly at any time. A heavily reduced and discreet aluminum housing on the base serves only for the stable attachment of the plastic body and the integration of the control electronics and high-end LEDs.

Of course, the housing is made of solid aluminum, black anodized or highly polished and finely lasered. The transparent plastic body of the mo.blaze cone looks very neutral and unobtrusive. So it is suitable for many styles and different motorcycles.

The transparent plastic body (PMMA) is extremely resistant to shocks and scratches.

The flasher can be used like any conventional LED flasher with load resistors or all our load-independent flasher relays (mo.flash, mo.wave, mo.stop, mo.relay +).

The mo.blaze cone handlebar end indicator shown here has an E mark and is approved as a front indicator.


  • Absolutely unique, new design and working principle
  • Very neutral and light appearance on the handlebar thanks to the transparent glass body
  • State-of-the-art high performance LED technology
  • Electronic voltage processing and safe protection electronics
  • Very bright light in the front, clearly visible light from almost all sides
  • The blinking light can be omitted


  • Mo.blaze left or right single taper handlebar end indicator with clamp for steel and aluminum handlebars (22 mm and 1 inch handlebars) with an inside diameter of 14 mm to 21 mm
  • M8 bolt
  • Connection cable approx. 100 cm long
  • installation instructions
Please always order a left and right turn signal for use as a pair.

Specifications and Features

diameter 35mm
Total Length Overall about 96mm
Part length outside the handlebar 43mm
Part length inside the handlebar 53mm
cable length about 100cm
weight about 45g
attachment Supplied with rubber collars for metric steel and aluminum handlebars (22mm and 1 inch handlebars) with an inside diameter of 14mm to 21mm
bring about 3 watts