mo.unit battery cable with fuse (Short)

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The mo.unit battery cable with fuse is the possible connection cable between each mo.unit and the vehicle battery. It has a built-in main fuse with a maximum current load of 40 A.

This high quality copper cable has high conductivity and comes with an integrated fuse holder, 2 fuses, 2 cable eyelets for crimping and 2 pieces of heat shrink tubing. A cable eyelet and a heat-shrink tube are already pre-assembled.
total length is 160cm

scope of delivery

1 x connection cable with a cross-section of approx. 8.4 mm² (AWG 8) and a length of 160 cm (63"), 1 x integrated fuse holder, 2 x 40 A fuse, 2 x eyelet cable, 2 x heat shrink tubing